War World II

by Saran Mansaray

What heroic qualities does John Dante possess? Are there some actions or qualities that make him seem not so heroic?

john enters the war wanting to protect his country and he protects his men.

How does fighting on the front lines change John Dante? Do you think you would change similarly under the same circumstances?

He sees things from a different perspective now. He now understands suffering and hardship. I think i would change under the circumstances because so many life scaring things happened during that war and it'll be hard to stay the same after that.

Referring to Ginny, John says, “I wanted to tell her she had been right.” In your opinion, was Ginny right to oppose the war? Is war always wrong, or is it sometimes the only way to resolve a conflict?

In my opinion I do think she was right to oppose the war because she was just looking out for him and his well-being. Sometimes war is the only way to solve a conflict, but it should be your last resort if everything else fails.

John calls Ginny his best friend, and he seems to truly love her. Do you think it was inevitable that John and Ginny would lose contact and never see each other again? Why was their love not enough to keep them together through the war?

I thought that they would get back together after the war, but I think she just needed to move on.

What are some of the things John loses as a result of the war? Which do you think is his greatest loss?

He loses Ginny his innocence, and himself. i think his greatest loss is loosing himself because by the end of the book he's not genuinely happy about anything and he doesn't know how to transition his life to how it was before the war.

John says that “America had not suffered.” Do you think that statement is true? In what ways would you say the people on the American home front did suffer as a result of the war?

I think that John's statement is true because the war wasn't in america, so we didn't see the affects it had in first person. people in the home front suffered physically and mainly psychologically.