A hurricanes go clockwise it just go's clockwise no other way.

The wind speed are so fast that you or me and other and people and animals can get cared away.

Hurricanes winds are up two 74 miles per hour (65 knots).

Hurricanes hazel winds where up to 100 per hour.

The scales of a hurricanes winds can blow up a house and make trees fall over.


A hurricanes is just a storm and only a storm.

A hurricanes can cause flooding and very high waves.

The eye of the hurricanes can make the level of water move on land.

A hurricanes from over warm or warmer water the heat is up to 80 or 26.5.


Hurricanes only from over a warm front or a really warmer front it will lose it power when it go over a cold front.

When a hurricane comes in land it weather is like flooding and rain.

Hurricanes from over the ocean it will or may not come on land.


Hurricanes maybe bigger then tornadoes but when come on land they grow weaker then a tornadoes are powerful then a hurricanes.

People will get hurt or even die about 2 / 100 people go to there death.

People names hurricanes like cyclone bhola and hurricane katrina killed 1800.