Thoughts on Classroom Technology

by Sara Gilchrist

What do you think this class is all about?

I believe that this course is designed to help future teachers learn how to better facilitate the learning of our students through the amazing world of technology. This course will help me find new ways for to use technology in my classroom.

What are your preconceived notions about the use of technology in the classroom?

I think that teachers now have the idea that technology hinders the learning process. Students need to be able to learn in the best way possible for each students specific needs.

What do you hope to learn during this class?

I hope to learn ways for me to use technology in my classroom. I want to learn news ways for me to help my students learn.

What are your expectations for yourself as a future teacher using (or not using) technology in your classroom?

I have high expectations for my use of technology in my classroom. I also know that it will also depend on the technology that is available to me and my students. I know that even with the constant use of technology in the classroom, I may have students that do not have the access to the simplest of technology at home.

What do you plan to do to be successful in this course?

Success is based on the ability to complete projects that will continue to help us learn how to integrate technology into a elementary school classroom. I think that a big part of success is communication. I believe that if any problem should arise that if I ask questions and find the information I WILL SUCCEED.

Will the kind of student you are now reflect the type of teacher you might become later?

I hope to be a teacher that uses technology so seamlessly that her students do not even realize they are learning right along with the fun of technology. I believe that my students will also teach me about the technology of their generation. I hope to never stop learning.

What are your expectations for yourself as a student in this technology class?

I hope to learn the best ways to integrate technology into the daily classroom flow.

What issues will you face in your journey to become a teacher? How can this class help you overcome these issues?

I feel as though I have already faced some adversity in my journey to the classroom. I have had people that believe that this is not the career path that is the best fit for me. I know that there will be more people that are not on my side but I have learned that there will always be someone that disagrees with my life choices. I have learned that I must have a thick skin and must be ready to prove those people wrong shown through the lives that I will have changed.

I know that this class will help me to become a better facilitator of learning for my future students. I know that I will find ways to reach the next generation of students in ways that they will understand and will ignite the fire that is learning.