Toms River High School East

Newsletter - January 18, 2022

Dear Families,

How was your long weekend? My girls went back to college following their holiday break. The house is quiet again. I watched the football playoffs and think Tampa Bay is at another level again. There were a few good games. What was Dallas thinking with that final play? Glad to see Joe Burrows win but don't think they will make it past the next round. I've been reading more lately and am enjoying my newest book, The Leader in Me. The book is all about how to cultivate a school culture with student leaders.

Covid numbers are still relatively high. Please continue to monitor our school website for the most up-to-date information related to Covid and quarantine procedures.

Equity Challenge

Mrs. Liz Rodriguez and I presented the results of our school's efforts to support and equitable educational environment last Thursday. We shared out on the school's demographics, historical trends of our minority students, current practices to ensure that ALL STUDENTS ARE VISIBLE, and the outcomes of our efforts over a 7-year period of time. We are finalists in this competition and hope we will receive the recognition I believe our school deserves. We are filled with incredibly kind and caring individuals who have accepted the importance supporting the needs of all students by creating an inclusive educational environment. Regardless of the award, I am very proud to work in this school and of our students, staff, and parents!

Winners will be informed on the 27th of January. I will keep you informed.

Respectful Raiders

Congratulations to Ava Roemmele and Vanessa Cicenia for being recognized as a Respectful Raider. Ava and Vanessa practiced safe school procedures in support of a potential school threat scenario. We always tell our students, if you see something, report it. Great job Ava and Vanessa.

Congratulations also to Daniel DeRosa for turning in a wallet filled with cash to the Main Office. Daniel exhibited positive character, which is the type of behavior we encourage from all of our Raiders! Thank you Daniel for being a positive reflection of our school community!

Parent Workshop - Changed to Virtual

I am going to host a Virtual Parent Workshop on January 25, 2022 to talk to the parents about our goals and current strategies to best prepare our students for their college and career endeavors. I will discuss avenues for our parents to add their value by participating in one of more of the following activities:

  • Career guest speaker
  • Volunteer for school events/activities
  • Academic Tutor
  • Life skills workshops (time management, stress management, organizational skills)
  • Writing college essays
  • Interview skill development and resume building
  • School advocacy committee to develop and promote school expectations
  • Guidance and Main Office activities
  • PTO
  • School safety monitoring (traffic/duties)

If you are interested, please join us at 6 pm by clicking on the following link:

Seniors of the Month

Great job!

It was cold last week and I wanted to recognize all of our walkers to school! We held two drawings for students who walked to school and made it on time. Congratulations to Julia Herczeg and Yael Carpinteyro for your commitment to your education! Both students received a WaWa gift card!

Student Leaders

We selected five (5) students to represent our school as part of the TR United Student Leadership Committee this month. The students were selected based on their leadership characteristics (decision-making, communication, collaboration skills, and their positive mindset). Congratulations to Sama Sanad, Brielle Bullock, Arianna Dentato, Ev Bujdos, and Nicole Osiago. I will share out the details of these meetings as we move forward!

Student Culture Committee

We are currently identifying students who will be a part of our Student Culture Committee. The objective of the committee is to develop a high-trust culture where every person's voice is heard and their potential affirmed. We will look to involve students in the daily operation and management of this school, providing students with the mindset that they matter and can contribute to school growth. We are looking to hold our first meeting next week. More to follow.

Career Speakers

We welcome Mrs. Tara Cunningham, Social Entrepreneur, as part of our College and Career Guest Speaker Lecture Series next month. Mrs. Cunningham will be speaking on topics related to Interviewing Skills, Resume Building, and Jobs for Students with Disabilities. Mrs. Sue Watson will be presenting on careers in Occupational Therapy in February. We look forward to these wonderful workshops and thank Mrs. Cunningham and Mrs. Watson for their time!

If you are interested in presenting to our students on your respective career topic, please reach out to me at to set up an convenient day and time. Thank you!


Option 2 Personal Finance - Semester 1

  • The deadline to complete all modules for Option 2 Personal Finance for Semester 1 is Friday, January 21st. The final exam will be posted on the Google Classroom and the deadline has been extended to Sunday, January 23rd. Students who have been enrolled in Semester 1 will have until the 23rd to complete the mandatory final exam.

PTO Meeting

  • Tuesday, January 25, 2022

National Honor Society

  • The NHS Senior Members' Induction previously scheduled for Wednesday, February 9, will need to be postponed due to the increased levels of Covid transmission at this time. We will monitor the situation and revisit our plans in the future as appropriate, keeping the safety of our members, their families, and our community foremost in mind.


Our girls track and field team finished 5th in the Group 3 State Relay Championship meet. Nina Casalino and Emerson Dirk are the NJ State relay champions in the pole vault. The high jump relay team of Emerson Dirk and Ashley Hart tied for 2nd in the state and the shot put relay team of Morgan Slomkowski and Abby Cole came in 3rd place. Congratulations girls, I am very proud of you!