Narrative P.O.V.

Narrative Frame

First Person: The narrator is in some ways Kurt Vonnegut because he talks in his perspective both in the beginning and end of the book, as well as in some instances throughout the book. He also mentions things of his personal life, but he is seen as a narrator rather than as Vonnegut himself.

Thirds Person: Limited to Billy's perspective the main story is narrated by the protagonist.


The story shift between Germany in 1944-45, when Billy is at war and a prisoner, and also to Ilium which is in upstate New York. Because of his time traveling abilities, Billy appears in moments between these two places.

Major Themes

1) The destructive effects war has on a person's pyschological

2) Free will is only and illusion to humans (shown by Tralfalmadorian's philosophy)

3) Sight, in its figuratigve sense, is one of the most important characteristics humans have


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