Adamson Children's House

April 3 - Bi-Monthly Newsletter - Ms. Dana & Ms. Terry

Dear Parents,

So, the bean seeds that we have germinated are doing well. We can see small roots, a little sprout on top.... so far so good. I cannot say the same for the grass seed we have planted in pots; I should have known better given the state of my lawn!

We have caterpillars! They are on their way to becoming Painted Lady butterflies. The children are very excited about them. They are developing rather quickly, eating, spinning silk webbing, and two of the three that have survived thus far have already spun their chrysalides! At this rate we very well may have our butterfly release party before Spring recess.

I chose the photos below because they show how our class has really grown. They invite each other to work together, they help each other unasked and they often show empathy when someone is feeling sad or feeling out-of -sorts.