Okanagan Explosion: Final Task

By: Aaron Ferris


The last of the fur brigade passed through the Okanagan in 1747. The catholic church needed a presence in the new land so they sent a group of obletes which included father Pandosy, they left in 1747. Father Pandosy and other missionaries brought new settlers to the land they were developing. William Peon helped father Pandosy with this task. The missionaries were given permission to develop from the Aboriginals.


They started one of the first settlements in B.C. Interior. They brought in new settlers which increases the population of the okanagan. They were able to bring in many people and materials with the help of the brigade trail.

role of the brigade trail for the missionaries

It was used to transport goods, was safer and a more reliable route. It allowed more people to easily come into the okanagan to increase the population and develop the area greater.

Father Pandosy

early history

He was part of a group of obletes at the age of 24 who left there mother house near Marseilles in 1747. Then left for the new world, he began planning to start anew in the colony of British Columbia.

reasons for settlement in Okanagan valley

He wanted to start anew,the area was plentiful and good for growing,they had access to the brigade trail, and he wanted to build a church and a school in the mission.

early acomplishments

He was part of a group of obletes in Marseilles in France, The catholic church wanted a presence in the new world, and he was 24 when he had to leave Marseilles.

accomplishments in the Okanagan valley

He set up a church and a school, He attracted many settlers to the area, and he founded the Okanagan mission which was first non-Aboriginals settlement in B.C. interior from the H.B.C forts.

Legacy Today

Father Pandosy's mission had been a place of worship for 44 years, But 1947 saw the properties sold again. Farther Pandosy's aboriginal's wood church was sold and moved from the area. In 1983, the original mission site was designated as a B.C heritage site. Father Pandosy mission is now 4 areas and other historic buildings have been put there.

Driving Question

What was the impact Father Pandosy had on the growth and development of the Okanagan valley?

He had a huge impact on the Okanagan valley because he attracted settlers to come here and settle. He also made it so the catholic church had a presence. It was also very close to the brigade trail so i made for easy access to travel to trading post and trade

fun facts

He had a beautiful singing voice

he built his churches with Gothic arched windows