The Lost Hero

By: Rick Riordan

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Reviewed By: Hallie

Are both of your parents mortal? I thought so, Jason,Piper and Leo all thought so too, but they thought wrong. These three kids are demigods, only one of their parents is mortal the other parent is a god, an immortal. Jason woke up on a bus with no memory of anything and is on his way to Camp Half-Blood with his two friends. Piper’s dad, a famous movie star, is trapped somewhere, and to save him she’ll have to betray her friends. She decides to keep this a secret until she decides what to do. Leo is fascinated with tools and has a metallic dragon as a friend. These three friends find out that they are demigods and go on a quest to save Hera, a captured goddess. Is it possible for them to succeed in their quest if they’re being so secretive? How will they figure out who’s behind all of this and stop them before it’s too late?

One of the many reasons that I liked this book is that it is filled with adventure and mystery. Rick Riordan succeeded in writing with so much suspense, I never wanted to put the book down. The characters were hilarious especially Leo. In the book it talks about a time when he made all the advertisements in the city say “all da ladies luv Leo.” This book was so great I had trouble picking a favorite part, but if I had to it would have to be when Piper, Leo and Jason encounter Boreads the wind god of the North. I think his children are the most funny characters in the book. Cal, one of his children can only say three syllables at a time and is obsessed with pizza, hockey and Piper. While reading this book I became an expert on Greek Mythology, with twelve olympian gods and lots of monsters. Lastly, this book is in places we know of like Long Island and The Grand Canyon.

I would recommend this book to anybody in fourth grade or older. This would be because some third graders might get a little frightened at some parts and most wouldn’t understand the plot. Also, if you like fantasy and adventure you might want to get this book out of the library. If you enjoy this book and wish the book didn’t end you can read the next book: The Son Of Neptune, or read Rick Riordan’s first series: Percy Jackson and The Olympians. This book teaches you to never give up, and that any problem has a solution. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

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