Enrichment Classes

May 15th and May 16th

Dear 3rd and 4th Grade Students,

We are going to do a 2 week session on Symbols/Landmarks of Our Nation. A few 3rd grade students started exploring website last week. Don’t worry you can explore them as well. They are listed below and I will also post them in blackboard. You want to pull up the website and search different states. Your ultimate goal is to find a state that you would want to visit and tell me about the different landmarks that can be found there and share other important facts about that state. Before our session this week just explore and find things that look interesting to you. If you have any questions please email me. jansel@pavcsk12.org

Have a great weekend.

Happy Mother's Day

Sincerely, Ms. Ansel


8:30 Symbols/Landmarks of Our Nation

9:30 Plotting Coordinates on a Grid

10:30 Jack and the Beanstalk: Is taking a goose and a harp from an evil giant stealing?

Before class visit this link to listen to the story.


11:30 Symbols/Landmarks of Our Nation