IT Technician

University of Huddersfield

Specific Attribute Required

In order to peruse within the company there is a specific attribute that must be required before coming on board which is to have the basic knowledge of hardware, software, networking as well as communicational skills. A basic knowledge of hardware and software maintenance is required as well as at least 6 months experience working with Active Directory.

General Attribute Required

Being able to work as team as well as being able to work individually is essential as a IT technician. Working in a team in situations such as working on a project where other members input will help resolve the problems. In addition working individually by fixing the issues alone with your own knowledge and understanding. As well as this communication skills are crucial, being able to express ideas as well as mis-understandings will benefit your role in the long run. Moreover, communicating with clients in a proper, professional manner.

Soft Skill Required

Working well under pressure and ensuring time management is present is a must. Part of the role involves communicating with customers who may have major PC issues and working against the clock will be a regular occurrence therefore ensuring you can work well under pressure and manage your tasks accordingly is essential.
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