7th Grade Knights Team

New Mark Middle School, NKCSD


4th quarter progress reports will be handed out on April 23rd.

Map Testing will being Monday, April 22 - Wed April 24 and then finishes up April 30 and May 1st.

Take your child to work day is on April 25 and forms are in the office. Forms need to be turned in by Wed. April 24th so that student will not be counted absent.

Reminder - there is no school on Monday, April 29

The new last day of school will be a half day on May, 31st.

CORE Classes

English Language Arts (ELA)

This week we have continued our practice of identifying the different clauses of a sentence and types of sentences. We have worked together in groups as we examined the 4 step process and worked with formulas. We have also looked at how to recognize the author’s purpose of writing by examining word choice and tone. Students have been practicing how to write constructed responses in preparation for the MAP test in 2 weeks.

Many students have slowed down on their reading at home. EVERY student should be reading 20 minutes a night at home!

Weekly Homework! There will be no more CE or AoW for the remainder of the year! Root of the Week continues!

Social Studies: World Geography

Students completed their African Mask Research and turned everything in on Wednesday. I received some very creative masks. Students had really incorporated some thoughtful symbols onto their masks. One student had an empty Jolly Rancher wrapper because the poor children in the country stand on the corners and sell "penny candy" to get money for their family. Several students incorporated broken pencils onto their masks because the system of education is broken in the country. Great connections were evident in their writing and I was super impressed with the writing ability of our students!


In math we have been working with rations, rates, and proportions. Comparing shapes that are proportional in size (similar), to determine lengths of certain sides based on the length of the corresponding side. We used this same concept to determine the height of the Washington Monument solely based off of the shadow that is casts on the ground, and compared that to the height of a person standing next to the monument and the length of their shadow that would be cast.


In science we have been discussing Newton’s three laws of motion. We have seen how the Law of Inertia works when attempting to pull a tablecloth out from under a set of dishes, as well as how all three laws are everywhere around us.

Help After School

Mr. Anwander and Mrs. Patterson are always available after school most nights until 4:00. Please schedule with us ahead of time if you would like to stay after to get extra explanation, work on homework or retake any tests.