The Victorian

A trip to a Victorian Christmas

The start of a Victorian Christmas

In the 19th century Christmas was hardly celebrated. Most company's it was not even considered a holiday. After the marriage of queen Victoria that's when the Christmas traditions we know today came to be. Soon everybody had a Christmas tree with candles, sweets, fruits, homemade decorations,and small gifts much like Prince Alberts childhood in Germany. By the 1880's sending Christmas cards had become extremely popular. Also carolers were used for common entertainment. At the end of the 19th century Christmas began what we know as it today.

The Christmas Gift

Typically small gifts were given out at Christmas. Such as sweets, Christmas crackers which are a package filled with sweets that snapped when you pull it apart.Christmas gifts differ a lot from we know today.

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The Victorian By Your Favorites Skyler Colegrove and Megan Donihoo