The Age of Anxiety

By:Alton Udeh

Soviet Union-­Lenin

1.During the Russian Civil war the Bolsheviks killed and tortured many Russians and this caused many outbreaks.

2.The Russians withdrew from the Great War because they lost many men in the war to disease and weapons. Lenin convinced the Russians and the Army to withdraw because he was planning to take over as dictator.

3.He faced the economic problems of the war. Russia used a lot of money on the war for weapons.

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Soviet Union­-Stalin

1.His plans were to transform the Soviet Union from a predominantly agricultural country to a leading industrial power.

2.The kulaks were wealthy peasants who had risen to prosperity during the NEP and collectivization was strongly forced on to them.

3.Stalin's the five year plan had caused alot of controversy. During the years of 1935-39, Stalin had removed most of the authority because he felt they were opposing him, so he stated that if any were to oppose him would be instant execution.

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1.Fascism emphazied an extreme form of Nationalism.



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