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Microscope Invention

Anton van Leeuwenhoek, a dutch draper has invented the microscope! He wanted to get a closer look at the thread he was using, and the magnifying glass he was using wasn't enough. He began making many different types of lenses to test. Soon, he realized he could take one long whisker that was hot, and reinsert it into a flame. Spheres formed, and the smaller they were, the high magnification. This could be the beginning of a brand new bridge of science!

French Troops Conquer Maastricht

Louis XIV seized the city of Maastricht today because French battle supply lines were being threatened. The French used a number of new tactics to try to gain control of the city.

Christopher Wren Has Been Knighted

Today, Christopher Wren was knighted for his great works of architecture. He played a very important part in rebuilding London after the Great Fire.

Discovery of Stalactic Grotto of Antiparos

French ambassador of the Ottoman Empire visited the cave for three days and saw the interesting ceiling. He told some friends who came to stay with him during his discovery.