The Amazon Rain Forest

By Lauren Kirlangitis

3 Imporant facts of the rain forest

~There may be fifty or so Amazon tribes living in the depth of the Amazon rainforest that have never had contact with the outside world.~

~The Amazon rainforest abounds with compounds that can be derived from plants for countless medicine.~

~10% of the world's species and 20% of the worlds birds live there.~

3 challenges the rain forest faces.

~2,700 million acres burn down each year.~

~Tourist are overfishing so the Amazonian people are not having enough to eat.~

~Many people illegally hunt animals to sell as food.~


  • What did you learn about the Rain Forest?

The Amazon is very hot and humid. It rains 4 days of the week. It is magnificent broad-leafed forest in the heart of Brazil.

  • How important do you think the Rain Forest is to people of South America and the world?

It has been recognized for many years and it is the only rainforest that we have left in terms of size and diversity.

  • Name an organization that is helping to protect the Rain Forest and what is their purpose?

The Amazon Conservation Association is helping by protecting biodiversity and developing innovation consevation tools to protect land in region.

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