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March 22, 2020

Mrs. Hladun's Tidings

I think I speak for all of us when I acknowledge that these are the strangest times. It's been so odd not being a work, and I've heard from many families that our Colts are missing their friends, their teachers and their routines. I know for myself and for our team that we miss them too! It's hard to know how long this 'new normal' will last, but it's my hope that you are maintaining social distance so that we can get back to normal sooner than later!

A reminder that you child's teacher(s) are checking email at least once daily. If you have any questions, please reach out to him/her, and be patient with the response time.

I know some families are itching for more for their child to do, some are just going with the flow and enjoying the time to reconnect as a family, and some are in full panic mode - maybe because there is no one to watch their child, they work in a high risk environment, their business/work hours are being cut and paying the bills is a real concern. For ALL of you, and those in between, I thought these words were really relevant (pulled from Facebook - from a gal named Darcy Huguenin Schalk):

Big picture
Big picture

Virtual Spirit Day

We loved the chance to host our first ever virtual spirit day! Watch for more opportunities like this coming up! We have to finish up our yearbook so these types of pictures will be hugely important! To check out the pics from our spirit day visit: Stay tuned for more opportunities like this!

Being In Touch - on weekdays from Mr. Leaman

Communication will come from Mr. Leaman every afternoon via School Messenger email - if you aren't getting them, let Mrs. Hladun know (!!!

Being in Touch - big info from Mrs. Hladun as needed

I'll send out communications as needed - probably 2x a week (Sunday and mid week) based on need. Anytime I send something big out via School Messenger, you can also find it:

  1. on our website front page (
  2. via a notification to check for communication via Facebook
  3. via a notification to check for communication via Instagram
  4. via a notification to check for communication via Twitter
  5. via a notification to check for communication via our school app.

You can get info on all of those communication tools at the bottom of this (and every) newsletter.

Being in Touch - daily on Social Media

Daily, Mrs. Hladun is posting on social media (Facebook, Insta & Twitter):
  1. readings - a story for primary learners, and a chapter(s) from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and The Lightening Thief - found on YouTube - search for Jennifer Hladun/look for the LCES logo
  2. a fun thing to check out
All of that is just for fun and is my way of connecting with your child/ren.

Please also stay in touch with your teachers - they are trying all kinds of new platforms to connect with your child! Learn with us!

The LCES Office - this week

The office is likely going to be closed this week, but if you need something urgently, please, please email Mrs. Hladun or text me (702 324 6884).
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Colt Pride Fridays!

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