Spring is coming: We hope!

Third Grade Updates

Dear Parents,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! For putting up with all of the snow days. For signing up so quickly for conferences and coming in to meet with us. For attending writing celebrations and poetry readings (see photos below). It is a joy to see the look on your children's faces when they get a chance to show off for their parents, and we're glad that so many of you had a chance to take part in some of these moments at school.

Two new units have started this week, biographies and state studies, both of which will carry over until after the break. In reading, students will have the chance to read multiple biographies, looking at different forms of this nonfiction genre. We will continue our emphasis on making inferences as third graders consider what they could learn from the lives that they are reading about.

We wrapped up our national park unit and the brochures are on display outside of our room. As some of you may have noticed, each student was assigned a state on Tuesday. They will use a few books to learn about their states, in particular the regions in which they lie. We will look at landforms, climate, economics, and other categories as possible ways to connect states within regions.

Thanks again for all that you do and have a great weekend

In friendship,

Chris and Mary

ERBs are coming

One week after spring break, the week of April 7th, we will be doing our ERB testing. We will send out more information as the date gets closer. Specific times have not been set into our schedule yet, but we usually try to take the tests in the mornings. Please try not to schedule appointments for that week, particularly early in the day.