Sad Day of 9/11

By: Kyle Nelson

Basic Information

On September 11, 2001, our nation was under attack by a terrorist group known as Al-Qaeda. A few members of this group hijacked planes and crashed 2 of them into the World Trade Center in Manhattan. At 8:46 am, the North tower was hit and at 9:03 am, the south tower was hit. One of the planes also struck the Pentagon at 9:37 am. The forth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania and was believed to be heading towards the White House. The terrorists knew they couldn't take out our military, so they wanted to take out symbolic symbols of the U.S.


When the towers were struck, the American citizens began to speculate about who did this horrific act. The media claimed that it was caused by terrorists from a group known as AL-Qaeda. People from the Middle East began to get upset with other people from around the world because they were being judged and viewed as terrorist.
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When president Bush declared war on Iraq, Americans judged everyone who lives in America that were from the Middle East. Today we still judge people from the Middle East that live in America (Cultural).
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How the media portrayed the event

Some believe that if the Clinton Administration would have believe that the small attacks would lead to a bigger attack, they could have warned president Bush about it and this probably could have been prevented. They put the blame on Bush. Some say that someone in Clinton's Administration tried to warn people in Bush's Administration and no one believed him.
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My Opinion

I believe president Bush had nothing to do with the events that occurred on 9/11 except making decisions about the proper way to resolve the situation. He wouldn't purposely put our country in a war that would devastates our economy and put us on a path of turmoil.
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