Night of the Twisters

by Ivy Ruckman


Dan is the main character and loves Stacey.

Stacey is a girl who helped Dan and Arthur after the tornado.

Arthur is Dan's friend and has 6 sisters.

Ryan is Dan's brother and cry's a lot.

Dan's mom and dad is gone when the tornado happens.


The tornado happen and Dan had to grab Ryan and go to the basement. Then it started to rain and hail out side and Dan's house was gone. Stacey got Dan,Arthur,and Ryan then they fond Dan's mom. Then they got Mrs.Smiley to on the bus.Then police officer Kelly was going to take Dan,Stacey,and Arthur to K-mart but a tornado almost got them and then they had to go to the police station in stead of K-mart.Then it was night and they herd something.Dan wanted to find his mom,dad,and Ryan then he saw his dad's truck then Dan was with his family.After that Dan's mom,dad,and Ryan had to live in a trailer.


Dan lives in the state of Nebraska.

They had to go to the police station because officer Kelly was heart.

Dan's house got destroyed by the twister.

problem and solution

The problem was that after the twister Dan's family had no were to stay.

The solution was that Dan's family had to stay on the farm.

The other problem was that the whole town lost there homes.

The other solution was that after the twister they lived in trailers.