Math Recovery

A Year of Small Steps - Weeks 19-21

100 days of school and the 100 Bead String

The bead string is a really flexible setting that allows students to see and feel groups of 5 and 10. If you haven't pulled yours out in a while or need to try making one, here's a nudge to make it happen. If you find a place leave it up in your classroom, the bead string is an instant opportunity to have a student build a number or to practice a counting sequence while waiting in line or to ask you a question. You can check out page 102 with IA6.3 Activities on a Bead String and IA8.2 on page 149 to see Bead String with Ten Catcher. I have supplies on hand and can send you one, they can be ordered from Math Recovery, and there are directions below to make your own.

Consider some fun prompts to get students thinking:

Build a number with greater than...

Pick a card and build the number before (or 10 after)

Build an even number.

Build a number that is a multiple of 5.

Build the number that is 10 less than...

Pick a card (from 1-100 deck) and build that number.

Roll a two dice and build the sum.

Roll a 00-90 and 0-9 dice, build that number.

2018-19 Registration Links

AVMR Course 1 Jan 23, Feb 6, Mar 12, 27 (@ Clarenceville MS) Email for info

AVMR Course 1 Feb 27, Mar 7, Apr 11, 24 (@ Oakland Schools)

AVMR Course 1 May 22, 30, June 26, 27 (@ Oakland Schools)

Math Recovery Oakland Schools

Dana is leading a cohort of MRIS, Math Recovery Intervention Specialists, this school year and continuing to expand the list of Math Recovery courses Oakland Schools can offer. To contact Dana, or call her at 248-209-2328.

Shawna has a link with open time slots for building and classroom visits. Once you sign up for a time slot, you will receive confirmation email and request for a little information about your priorities for the time together: individual students, whole/small group instruction, targeted intervention, data & assessment, or "name your own" focus. You can call her at 248-209-2051.