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In this week's issue:

1. Fall Digital Learning Conference - Are you ready to go Beyond Super?!?

2. NEW! The DL Underground Video/Audio Podcast Series, Episode One

3. 4 quick ways you can use the magic of Google Forms

4. Teacher and Librarian Spotlights from Haltom High, North Richland Middle, and C.F. Thomas

5. How you can Spotlight something you or someone else is doing to enhance learning with technology

6. How to connect with your Digital Learning Team

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"There's a super hero inside all of us. We just need the courage to put on the cape." - Superman

Fall Digital Learning Conference

October 14, 2017

Digital Learning's New Audio/Video Podcast Series

Un•der•ground (un’der ground’), n., adj.

1) forms of media intended for an elite audience, that is often characterized by its high levels of originality and experimentation, and does not conform to typical standards, trends, or hypes as set by the popular mainstream media.

Check out the first video episode above

Podcasts and Vodcasts are a great way to learn on the go.

Ways to listen:

· While you eat lunch

· During conference period

· Driving in the car

· Waiting at the doctor's office

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Did you miss the Google Forms = Magic post?

If you are not subscribed to our blog, "Rethink Learning" you might have missed this week's post. In this post we tell you how to use Google Forms to create 1) a quiz where students have to get the correct answer to move on, 2) a quiz where students get notified if they type in the wrong answer (great for review), 3) a choose your own adventure lesson, AND 4) a self-grading quiz.

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How to Submit a Spotlight for Yourself or Others on the Digital Learning Lounge "Rethink Learning" Blog and Digital Learning News...

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