bike deaths

teens these days

by:nadya montgomery

the reason

the reason this should be a topic is beacuse 2% percent of teen deaths are from bike crashes. thats not much but its still a number. studies show that there usally kids riding at night with no reflective gear on. also many teens dont where helmets in the first place so those crashes end up in a cuncusion or worse. 74% of teens who crash end up with head injurys 17% of teens that died werent wearing helmets. men had a a much higher rate of deaths 91% to be exact.


some ways to prevent this. by wearing a helmet can reduce injury to the head by 85%. only ride on side walks or in bike lanes. dont ride alone if theres coming traffic they can be warned. be cautious ecspessally while riding in the street. be visible wear reflective gear. always cheack your breaks before riding. watch for cracks,potholes etc.

first aid

first aid measures first take deep breathes so you dont go to a panic attack. feel for neck lumps to see if anythings out of place. make sure nothings broken. if they look pale tell them to lie down with hiis/her feet up so they dont go to shock. and last always have first-aid kit. article

to reduce crashes of more than 3 percent since 2001 certainly looks promising, but without a better understanding of how many people are walking, where they are walking, and how far/often they are walking, it is difficult to determine if safety improvements are truly being made. A reduction in pedestrian crashes could be attributed to fewer people walking in general, or to improvements in facilities, law enforcement, education, and behavior that are really leading to more people walking and to fewer pedestrian fatalities.