Vaccination Argument Paper

Should parents be able to opt out of Vaccinations?

My Opinion

I say that parents shouldn't be able to opt out because not only does it put their children in danger it puts the kids around them in danger to. It makes a gap in Group immunity and can make other children sick making this an epidemic?

The Facts

Other parents are afraid that it could lead to lots of other medical issues like autism, Since there is a very slim chance you could get these in vaccinations.

Agreeing with me?

Kluger Jeffery- When his daughter got vaccinated he thought he was doing a bad thing. But he knew better and she got better after vaccination.

Proquest Staff- Opting out of vaccination, puts public health at risk and could lead to a resurgence of dangerous diseases.

Charles C. Haynes- District of Columbia is mandating that students be vaccinating for certain diseases before entering school.

Michael Rozier- Colorado, the state with the lowest vaccination rate, had nearly 28% of children are not fully immunized.

Sumathi Redds- In a 2013 study in JAMA Pediatrics found a big risk of contracting Pertussis or Whooping Cough with each delayed vaccine dose.

Arthur L. Caplin- The author says, "doctors that advise not to get vaccines, should get their licence taken away."

People who don`t agree

Amanda Paulson- Vaccines can cause autism.

Amanda Paulson- more vaccines in schedule, higher chance for medical problems.

Amanda Paulson- They use religious reasons not to get vaccinated.