Gregor Mendel

The Father of Modern Genetics

Who is Gregor Mendel?

Gregor Mendel was a scientist that studied genetics and heredity. He is famous for his experiments on plant hybrids and is viewed as the father of modern genetics.

Early Years

  • In grade school, Mendel was recognized for being a gifted child and was sent to a boarding school in Opava.
  • He was later accepted into the University of Olomouc college.

  • Mendel couldn´t find a job at college so he had to return home and live with his parents.
  • He also could not pass the tough teaching exams, even though he tried several times.

Experimental Design

He did an experiment to see how many different forms would result from the random fertilization of two kinds of pea plants?


1. There was a total of 6,689 dominants genes and 2,279 recessive genes.

2. There were 428 green pods and 152 yellow pods.

3.There were 5,474 round pods and 1,850 angular pods.

4. There were 787 long pods and 277 short pods.


No one really understood Mendel´s work while he was alive so they couldn't really study it.


With all of Mendel's experiments and data, the scientist found out a way to identify traits and understand genetics by using Mendel's Laws. Mendel´s laws are all of the work Mendel did to figure genetics out.



Definition: Most powerful.

Example: brown eyes, dark and curly hair


Definition: Not very powerful. (gets covered up)

Example: no dimples, no freckles


Definition: Not the most powerful but still pretty powerful (neither dominant or recessive)

Example: AB blood type