Tropical Rainforest

Kai Halpaus


  • average of 50-260 inches of anual rainfall
  • 68-93 degrees F
  • average of 77%-88%humanity
  • feels warm and wet

The Important thing about the Tropical RainForest

  • More then 2/3 of the earths animals live here
  • Generate most of the oxygen we need
  • Helps maintain the balance of climate
  • 50,000,000 triable people live here
  • Clean and recycle water
  • Most animals or plants will become extinct without it

Plant Life

  • Have tipped ends so that they don't get too much water
  • Wax like substance on leaves so that water drips of
  • Plants growing on other plants to get sunlight
  • Many flowers to plonate the plants
  • Roots on top of other plants to absorb sunlight.

  • Most plant life on land
  • Most plants are above the ground because of unfertile soil

Strangler Fig Tree-

  • one of the most important tree in the tropical rain forest.
  • It is found in every rain forest
  • supplies food and shelter to many fruit eating organisms, such as Tuscans, bats, monkeys, gibbons, ex.
  • 70% of all animals eat its fruit
Mangrove Forests Trees-

  • Grow were the rain forest meets with ocean or big water ways
  • Lives in submerged lands were most plants can't live
  • Protects the rainforest from over flooding
  • Drains water from possible over flooded rain forest
  • Shelter for many sub-aquatic animals

  • Natives would cook the leaves and stems to make syrup and tip it on the end of there spears to hunt
  • Natives word for it is translated to poison
  • Used in many medicines
  • Brazilians use it for external bruises, dropsy and madness
  • Produces paralysis in muscles
  • Fatle does create death through repertory paralysis



  • Camouflage to hid from predators
  • Animals have strong limbs so that they can get food from trees
  • Birds don't have expansive wig like so that they can maneuver more easily
  • Hard beaks to crack nuts easier
  • Brite colors to worn off prediters

  • 2/3 of the worlds animals live here
  • There is a wide difference of species living here
  • Must adapt to amount of rain
  • Must adapt to the high

Bengal Tiger
  • Most endangered tiger
  • Prey- wild boar

  • 3-5feet tall and weigh about 99-179lb
  • Eat mostly fruit and in the dry months mostly insects
  • Preditor- leopard

King Cobra
  • 12-18feet long and weigh about 12-20lb
  • One of the most venomous snakes
  • Preditor- mongoose Prey-lizards

Ecological Concerns

  • Rapidly diminishing due to logging
  • Clearing land for farming
  • Over flooding kills off many pants and animals
  • Mining and fires changes the landscape and animals won't come back
  • A rate of 80000 acres destroyed per day
  • A panda bear is an endangered species but there are laws that protect it now.
  • A Bengal tiger is also an endangered species. They used to be the most common tiger but because of over hunting they are now the least common

Interesting Facts

  • An area the size of a football field is being cleared every second
  • Sloths in the amazon rainforest can move so slowly that mold can grow on their fur
  • 80% of the flowers in the Australian Rainforest aren't found anywhere els in the world
  • Without bats pollinating plants or flowers more then 50% of the plants would not exists
  • 1/4 ingredients in medicine comes from the tropical rainforest

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Rainforest food web


  • Mutualism- Ants and Fungi: the ants protect the fungi while the fungi provides nutrients to the ants
  • Commensalism- a red eyed frog living in a tree. The frog receives a shelter and the tree is unharmed
  • Parasitism- a normal tree growing and a strangler fig tree raping around it. The fig tree grow faster and stronger but the other tree eventually dies


  • It is located near the equator were it is warmer.
  • 7% in Latin America
  • 1/3 in Brazil
  • 25% in south east Asia
  • 15% in Africa

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