Bright Beginnings Buzz

First week of School!


We are so excited to welcome everyone back to school next week! We will use e-mails, Facebook, (Please like our facebook page at Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool) and eventually DOJO to share information, including prayer requests.

Here are just a few friendly reminders:

Drop off

It might be difficult for some of the little ones to separate from parents and caregivers, which can be very hard on both of you! It is best to have a quick goodbye and drop with teachers. We find it easier to calm and comfort when parents are out of sight. It typically takes a few days (which can be a month for Kids Morning Out). Thank you for your support and patience as we work to help our little ones adjust to this new endeavor. :)

We will use e-mails, and eventually DOJO to share information, including prayer requests, let you know if help is needed within our Bright Beginnings families and to help stay connected. We also have a facebook page! Please like our facebook page at Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool.

Photo Booth

Please enjoy the photo booth that we will have set up during the first week of school. It is a great way to capture this amazing memory! It will be located in the hallway by the back doors.

Coffee and Tissues

We know this is a big milestone in your family's life, and it can be exciting and emotional to let go of your precious little one for the first time! We will have coffee, muffins, and kleenex in the lobby, brought to you by the Parent Connection.

Medical Paperwork and Medications

Please turn in your child's medical forms and any necessary medications (with the appropriate paperwork) during the first week of school. You can give them to a staff member in the office. Thank you! ;-)

Tuition Payment

You should have received a payment envelope during our Meet the Teacher Event, if you did not, please see Jodi in the office. Please turn in your tuition payment in the yellow payment box in the hallway by the restrooms. If and when you have a lunch bunch payment, you may put it in the blue payment box.

Class Dojo

Remember to register and sign up with your child's Dojo class to receive important updates and fun photos throughout the year! Please let us know if you are having trouble signing up for Class Dojo.

Nature Education -

"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better" -Albert Einstein

Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool may be located in the center of town, but we still like to get outside as much as possible. Current research shows that "Nature Education" is an important part of the education and development of young children. Getting outside into nature helps the children to make connections between what they learn in the classroom and what they experience outside in the world.

Please dress your child in clothes that they can explore, play, and get a little bit dirty in! It is such a great way to learn!

Here is a great article with some ideas for parents as well!

Prayer Requests

  • Prayers for Rick C. and family for healing
  • Prayers of healing for Ben Morkel
  • Prayers for Nova A. for healing and recovery

Pick up line instructions

Here are a few important things to remember about the pick up line:

We dismiss from

- 11:45-12:00 for am preschool students

- 3:45-4:00 for pm preschool students.

- 4:00 for PM Kindergarten Exploration

Our Kids Morning Out children are dismissed from their classroom and do not utilize the pick up line. Please do not feel the need to be here right at dismissal time. It takes a few minutes for our classes to get situated and we dismiss those whose parents are waiting inside first and then we go to car line. Coming at 11:50- 11:55 or 3:50-3:55 will help to space it out and avoid long lines. Once our teachers start dismissing the line goes very quickly.

- Fridays go faster because we have fewer classes.

Pick up route- Go through the parking lot (enter the parking lot at the entrance closest to 741) and wait until the line in front of the church starts moving (we will wave you into the line).

In order to help keep our pick up line running smoothly please remember the following:

- Kids Morning Out dismisses from class- please park in side lot and come in front door

- let others who may be picking up your child know our procedure

- If you are picking up your child from inside please park in the side lot (by the Eagles) and walk across the street to enter through the front door. Please do not park in the parking out front if you are walking in to pick up

- Please stay in your car. The teachers will place your child in the car and you can pull up past the alley to help buckle.

- Please do not pull in front of the church until first checking to be sure you are not cutting in front of someone from the parking lot.

- Please do not leave children unattended in cars.

- Please do not park on the side of the church or in front of the church

Thanks for helping us keep our pick-up line safe and efficient and our neighbors happy! :)

The Learning Professor - Coming September 25th!

We are SO excited to announce a special event on Wednesday, September 25th! Dr. Jenni Jacobs is coming to talk about the Psychology Behind Behavior. This class will be life changing for parents, as you can learn how to not only deal with, but triumph through tantrums. Understanding why your child behaves the way that they do can be pivotal to your relationship with them as well as their development. Don't miss this special event! Dinner will be available before the meeting, and childcare will be provided. More information will be coming soon!
Please do not hesitate to give us a call with any questions that you might have. We are looking forward to a great first week!