Q's Quick Tech Tips

December 2015

EPIC Reading Resource!

If you are looking for additional options for digital reading in your classroom you should investigate EPIC. EPIC is FREE for educators and has great options for reading AND listening to reading. THE EPIC app is set up like a library and your students can customize their bookshelves based upon their individual interests. It's almost like "NETFLIX" for reading----but FREE!

EPIC is free in the App store and on Google Play for Android devices. It is also Web-based and I am assuming could be accessed on Chromebooks. (I haven't tried it on Chromebooks yet) Click below to sign up for your free Epic Educator Account and create your class. EASY! Make sure to click "Educators"--Do NOT sign up for a free trial.

Let me know if you would like to see a "Demo".


Did you know?

Many of us have students in our classrooms with active IEP's. You can always check with Case Managers to discuss or view IEP's. Did you know you can access these IEPs online?

Here are directions on how to access a student’s IEP throughout the year.


"My Macbook is Dying?"

Many of you have experienced problems with your Macbook lately. Please remember that the school board delayed the purchase of new computers for one year due to budgetary restrictions. This means we will continue to use our current Macbooks through the end of this school year and summer. Please be sure to contact 3000 with any issues. The good news is that the GOAL is that teachers will have new laptops by next fall. The tech department will be interviewing teachers in the near future to discuss your preferences and specific needs for a new laptop. Details on the process will be coming soon.

A tip for battery life. Do Not leave your Mac plugged into 24/7. Unplug it and let the battery run out occasionally. If you leave your MAC at school, make it a habit to unplug it as you leave on Friday and plug it back in on Monday morning. Low battery life has contributed to MAC problems.

Beyond Hour of Code Week

Thank you to all who participated in Hour of Code during Computer Science Week. I heard many great things happening in classrooms. Please feel free to use these resources at any time beyond Hour of Code week.

Go to the website below and you will find just about anything you need to offer fun coding opportunities for your students. There are NEW Minecraft Hour of Code modules AND even Star Wars! Lesson plans, links to activities, and suggested coding websites are on the site. The link to the site is below.

CODE.org Website

Also, you may use the link below to view suggested activities by grade level.

Suggested Activities by Grade Level

K-2 We also have our new BEE-BOTS. It may be a good time to check them out!

Thank you Erin Wolfe for a NEW iPad app option! Check out "Box Island Hour of Code" and Box Island Epic! Students love both! Challenging for any level.


Not too late---If you would like Reflector 2 use the form below to get your FREE license! You can use Reflector to "mirror"/reflect ANYTHING from your iPad to your computer and Smartboard! Ask someone how AWESOME this can be!