By: Tiegan Beckworth

Where I plan to go to school

  • Currently I am thinking either UT Tyler or Sam Houston (whichever Alanna gets in with me)
  • I would like to go there for education because if Law School does not work out I want to be a teacher and eventually a missonary
  • I plan to stay there for 4 years until it is time to move on to law school
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Law School

  • I plan to attend Texas Tech in Lubbock Texas for Law School
  • This will require 3 years of school to gain my doctorate
  • Then I will have to pass the bar
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Plans For After Graduation

  • I would at some point like to live in Greece for a year or two
  • Maybe spend some time living in New York
  • In the end I would like to settle down and be a lawyer for a small town in the country or near the country so I have a nice place to raise a family
  • In my late 50s or 60s I would eventually like to go be a missionary in Burma

My Career and Why I Want It

  • My Career involves defending the defenseless in the court of law
  • I chose this career because I have always enjoyed acting and half of being a lawyer is acting I also enjoy debating and proving that I am right. My older brother Ben also played a big role in it because he always encouraged me and told me I would be good at it. I also would like the power to make a difference