Pierre Elliott Trudeau, born on the 18th of October 1919, passed away on the 28th of September 2000. He was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada , leading throughout 1968-1979 and 1980-1984. He was a politician, writer and constitutional lawyer. He was one of the best known politicians of Canada. His charismatic personality was known all around the world.

What was he involved in that made him a leader?

From his early days, Trudeau had the characteristics of a leader in him. He taught law at the Université de Montréal. He was elected to Parliament in 1965 as the member for Mount Royal, Montreal. Then, he strode forward in 1967 when he was appointed to Minister of Justice. He made very big changes to Canada in his time as Minister of Justice. Many youth began following him and cheered him on. He was invited to run for Prime Minister and following right after, he began serving as Prime Minister of Canada in 1968, he became responsible for a whole country. In the October crisis of 1970, Trudeau put the War Measures Act into effect, showing how he dealt with threatening events such as this one.
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what actions did he take to show leadership?

As Minister of Justice, Trudeau took the initiative to legalize abortion and decriminalize homosexuality. At this time there was quite a bit of homophobia, which is why this act was revolutionary. This was a huge step for Canada, one that he took. In 1970 the Front de Libération de Quebec (FLQ) kidnapped James Cross (the British Trade Comissioner) and Pierre Laporte (the Quebec Minister of Labour and Immigration). When this occurred, Pierre Trudeau initiated the War Measures Act which allowed the police to search and arrest without warrants. The situation was very sensitive, as it had people's lives on the line. He campaigned for world peace and improved the relationships between developed and developing countries.

Which three leadership traits did he apply?

"Appearances matter - and remember to smile."

Pierre Elliott Trudeau was known for his appearance, he was handsome and took care of himself quite well. He was a public figure, which made appearance one of the most important factors. He was well-mannered and appealed to the public eye due to his social skills. Many youth and women supported him. People automatically have bad impressions from people who frown all the time, no matter how good they are at their job, which is why smiling is key.

"Courage is not the absence of fear - it's inspiring others to move beyond it."

Leading an entire country was a very crucial job, as it involved holding responsibility of the lives of many people. Trudeau was a very courageous person, but that does not mean he lacked fear. It is only natural for one to be scared, and having the job of Prime Minister creates an even bigger burden. For example, in the October Crisis of 1970, the decision of the Prime Minister was very important as it decided how to deal with the crisis. Trudeau, in an interview, when asked " At what cost? How far would you go?" replied with " Well, just watch me." This statement, full of charisma, also showed his courageous behavior in reply to the October Crisis. Initiating the War Measures Act lead to consequences such as many people held without charges, but he had to do something as Prime Minister to handle the situation. It was only likely he be scared, as it was a very delicate situation. He inspired many people because he marched forward with courage and bravery.

"Nothing is black and white."

Pierre Trudeau did not look at things as concrete or one way or another. Especially when it came to people, he looked at them as people before he viewed them as man or woman. He took in many points of views before making decisions. He understands abstract reasoning quickly and likes ideas, culture and language. He loved books, movies and relationships. With this information we can come to the conclusion that he likes to think with an abstract mind, making it so that he has various solutions to things and doesn't look at things as one way or another.

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