Olympian Culture

Social Studies Project

Questions that were Asked

  • When is lunch? Lunch is around 12:10.
  • Do you have snack time? Yes, there is snack time and it is before lunch.
  • Are their certain days that you wear your team shirts? They are usually worn on Fridays and Assemblies.
  • Are there any fun activities? There is team time, free time, and sometimes after assemblies we go outside.
  • Are there any noticeable team features in your classrooms or hallways? There are Olympian signs and an Olympian symbol.
  • How is home base? In home base, once we come in we unstack our chairs, after we do that we open our laptops and if the battery is under 80%, then we get a mark. We also get out our ear buds, if we don't have them we also get a mark. Sometimes, we have class meetings or watch a video.
  • What is normally done during special occasions, do you have special occasions? We have torch berry awards. That is where teachers come up and give awards to students and describes why that student got the award. The previous student gives the award to the new student.
  • What do you do when there are birthdays? We sing happy birthday, the birthday student gets a pencil and something to put on their lanyard.
  • Do you get something for being good other than tiger marks? We get candy from some teachers, and sometimes if we test we get candy.
  • What is your team color? The Olympian's team color is green.
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