By Jayden

What do lizards eat?

Do you no what lizard that is 10ft long? If you gest kumoto dragon you correcaret. Do you now the kumoto dragon eats 50ponds a day. Do you now most lizards eat bugs. some eat 20ponds a day & the leaf eaters eat 15ponds a day. SOME EAT US! I like lizards do you?

Where do lizards live?

Do you now want type of lizard that can clime on a wall? if you guessed a gecko you are correct. Lots of lizards live in the forest and live on trees and under roads. Some live under ground to hide. And some live under houses to hide as well. That is a cool animal.

Whant do lizards look like?

Do you now that many lizards look different? Some are spiky like thorny devil when it is born it's the size as a pencil. And when it's folly grown it is about 3feet long. The ckemelen is lots and lots of colors because it changes colors to blend in with the shrouding's. That is a cool animal do you think.

How do lizards protect themselves?

Do you now want lizard that scars the pray and then run's up a tree? If you gust freld lizard you are correct. some kills the pray some hide under rocks and some hide under houses and under roads. I like lizards do you?

Other interesting fun facts about lizard?