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Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Older people frequently choose to stay in nursing homes to ensure that they're well cared for. Nursing homes often provide quality care, but sometimes your family member may be hurt by an inefficient facility. If you suspect that your loved one has suffered an abuse or an injury in a nursing home, you can bring a claim against nursing home. Your loved one will need to be, and he or she deserves to be, fully compensated for the injuries or abuse he or she has suffered. Secure the representation of a nursing home abuse attorney you feel confident.

Nursing Home Abuse

Ordinarily, nursing homes provide a beneficial experience for individuals who are unable to care for themselves. However, these individuals are sometimes actually psychologically and/or physically harmed by the intentional or negligent acts of their caregivers. There are several factors that contribute to the neglect or abuse of residents, including inadequately trained or poorly qualified staff, caretakers with a history of violence, and insufficient numbers of caretakers. Common issues or injuries that can threaten the health or well-being of nursing home residents include: Falls, bed sores, medication errors, dehydration, malnutrition, and physical or sexual abuse.

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