Stop the Gossip at CHS!


Who We Are:

We are the voice of the CHS student body. After experiencing the gossip and hurtful rumors that were being spread through the school hallways, we decided to take a stand! We will fight for the staff to hear us out!

GOAL: Establish the negative impacts of Gossip and change the Perspective of CHS: Starting with the Staff!

The Impact on the Student Body

Gossip is a deadly activity that most CHS students participate in. Many teachers overlook the fact the rumors are constantly being spread through the halls of CHS. One English teacher though, Mrs. Arnold, agreed in an interview with the fact that many CHS students gossip, believing it to be a "safe assumption to make" (Broomfield Interview). So what is the big deal if students gossip and spread rumors? Well these rumors are mostly negative and they end up hurting one person or the other. Two interviews were conducted of CHS students. One sophomore claimed that after having a rumor directed at her "it made [her] feel upset because it was false" (Chivukula Interview). After going through the same experience, another junior said that "it made [her] want to kill [herself] for a long time" (Chivukula Interview).

Why our smart students Gossip

An article on USA Today propagated rumors as something positive. They also said that people spread rumors to ease tension while gaining acceptance in a new group (Murray WWW). An article from the New York Times also argues that gossip serves a purpose. It claims that "gossip offers a foothold for newcomers in a group and a safety net for group members who feel in danger of falling out" (Carey WWW). So in a highly competitive and sociable environment such as the one at CHS, it is only natural that many students feel the need to fit in. What better way to do that than binding together to share and spread the dirtiest news? Gossip is an easy gateway into conversations and also into other groups.


In order to get the word out to the students on the effects of gossip and rumors, we will start the Girls Against Gossip club. You can aid us by supporting the club and making it possible for us to get the word out to as many students as possible. This means being aired on KCBY with skits and personal interviews on rumors. Also, this means allowing us to post posters everywhere! We also want to have a column on the Sidekick to post positive, pre-approved updates on the happenings in CHS so that students will still have the chance to engage in conversations about the latest news. Finally, set a good example for the students by not gossiping yourself!


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