Staff Bulletin Week 9 Term 4 2015





Congratulations and Thank you Melissa and Team on your successful end of year Financial Rollover - Great work!



The single most important factor in our stress level is OUR attitude. The attitude we bring to a situation has a huge impact on how we see and react to each of the situations we face. This has a direct impact on our stress level. The attitude that we bring is evident in our self-talk, that little voice inside our head!

Our attitude acts like a lens through which we ‘see’ situations. I am sure that you will have heard the classic story where two people witnessing the same car accident, report seeing different things. Your attitude acts as a filter and therefore has a huge impact on how we ‘see’ events.

Many people believe our attitude is caused directly by outside influences like unpleasant experiences or negative people. They see their attitude as a direct result or consequence of what happens to them. They see it as a simple cause and effect relationship. As a result of this mind-set, they ride a roller-coaster of emotions every day! When good things happen they feel great, when bad things happen they feel terrible. For example:-

They start the day feeling tired because they didn’t sleep well.

self talk = Todays going to be a bad day!

They grumble at their partner, who grumbles back!

See I told you so!

They can’t find their car keys.

I hate my life!

Someone let’s them merge into the traffic.

What a lovely day!

Someone’s parked in their usual spot.

I hate them theyre just doing it to upset me!

A colleague makes a nice comment on their haircut

I love working here! People are so thoughtful!

The Principal reminds them of the form that’s overdue

People are so demanding around here

We need to be careful NOT to allow our attitude to be totally dependent on the events that happen to us. While external pressures may trigger our feelings, we are the ones who then reflect the impact of those events in our attitude. We can either be subservient to the external events, few of which we have any control over, or we can take charge of our attitude and our response to the situations we face.

“Choosing your attitude” means monitoring your self-talk, being aware of your attitude and making your own choice about how much impact situations have on your attitude. Once you accept that you have some choice in your attitude at this moment, you can decide whether to keep it or shape it into an attitude that brings you more satisfaction.

It doesn’t mean that you always have to put on a happy face. Sometimes angry or sad are what’s called for. Be aware of what your attitude is, and that it does affect you and others.

You control your attitude, not the other way around.

Working in schools can be stressful! ..... Key points

Your attitude affects your stress

You have a choice in your attitude

Monitor your self-talk and be aware of your attitude

Keep perspective

Consistent people are ‘low maintenance’

You control your attitude, not the other way around

Learn to ignore what you can’t control, and learn to control what you can.

Dr Peter Hanson - The Joy of Stress

Steve Francis Happy Schools


Week 10 Term 4

Mon 07.12.15

Year 6 Farewell Dinner

Tue 08.12.15

Volunteers Morning Tea

Yr 5/ 6 Multicultural Lunch / Class Party

Wed 09.12.15

AWARDS DAY - School Hall – Year Reports Home

K = 10am

1 / 2 = 11.30am

3/6 = 1pm

Thur 10.12.15

Kingscliff Carols 7pm

School Director / Principal’s Meeting

KHS Performance – Yrs 4 - 6

Fri 11.12.15

Class Parties

PLAN Data due


Week 11 Term 4

Mon 14.12.15

P. & C. Meeting - social dinner

Cool Kid Treats

Wet and Wild

Tue 15.12.15

Class planning and moves

Christmas Carols Kingscliff Park – Surf Club

Wed 16.12.15

Last Day for Students – Mufti

Class planning and moves

Thur 17.12.15

School Development Day– Joint Kingscliff High School & CLC

Fri 18.12.15

School Development Day– Already completed by teaching staff earlier in year.


After much consideration, staffing appointments and ongoing review of enrolments, leavers etc at this stage I can provide the following draft of permanent teaching allocation / classes / stage for 2016.

We have approximately an additional 20 expressions of interest to enrol students and if they definitely enrol we will require an additional teacher and classroom to the one already underway.

Temporary and casual positions remain under consideration while further permanent staffing impacts are resolved. I hope to be able to confirm those before the end of the year.

As always the exact numbers of students attending school at the start of the year determine our final planning. Changes can and do happen as a result of numbers.

For next year there has been an attempt to minimise significant moves eg moving an ES1 teacher to a Stage 3 level or vice versa. There are some changes within a stage / year level and some change from one stage to another - with a small year / grade level change.

Change in teaching role is always inevitable. Staff are appointed and / or transferred to the school as generalist primary teachers to be appointed to teach in any stage from Early Stage 1 to Stage 3, completing teaching duties to the standards required. I thank you for your professionalism in your work in this regard !

At this stage the permanent teacher / teaching allocations are :-

Kindergarten Teachers

Lou Stirling (Graham) - Assistant Principal - Supervising ES1

Adrienne Holdsworth

Lisa Stephens

Amanda Fugar (Knight)

Anita Ferguson

Year 1 Teachers

Lea Conroy - Assistant Principal - Supervising Year 1

Cathy Harris

Ailsa Carpenter

Yr 1 /2 composite Michelle Corware

Year 2 Teachers - supervised by Deputy Principal - Belinda Mirana

Ellen Williamsky

Toni Reilly

Donna Nicholls

Year 3 Teachers

Shannon Gray (Mat Leave) - Assistant Principal

Alisha McMahon

Michelle Mackney

Year 4 Teachers

Lisa Davidson-Thorsby

Tracey Aldridge - Relieving Assistant Principal - supervising Stage 2 - Year 3 & 4

Jo Cabale

Year 5 Teachers

Louise McQueen (Mat leave part time)

Schein Bee

Year 5 / 6 Composite Gloria Gardiner

Year 6 Teachers

David Bush

Jason Ellem - Assistant Principal Supervising Stage 3 - Year 5 & 6

Librarian - Charmaine Johnston

Deputy Principal - Belinda Mirana. Supervising Year 2 + Extras

Principal - Kiernan Houlahan

Additional support staff, casual / temporary positions to be further advised.

Supporting Our Student's ....

Sustained silent reading each day ... multiple entry sessions to the room...

Reading lessons ...

Home reading ...

Access to on line readers ...

Lexile based books linked with Sustained Silent Reading....


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