World war II affect on our people

written by Ashley Gradwell

Life during the war

Sunday morning, December 7,1941 chilling words came from the radio of Oahu, Hawaii “Air raid! Pearl Harbor!” the announcer said. Women have been taking the place of the brave courageous men fighting in this horrid war. They helped with building cars and ships and changed the aspect of them. Some of the prices for a normal life, first class letter- .3, Loaf of Bread .10, child’s haircut .15, Movie .17, quart of milk .31, New car $900, New House $3,600, average salary $2,040/year.

People durring the war

People affected by World War II

You think that life for us was hard think about the children on the other side. We aren’t the only ones suffering but are enemies are too. The children were put in relocation camps. Every family thought themselves as innocent. They tried to get away from their troubles by traveling by railroad leaving their home and everything behind. Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized a army force to force every one Japanese leave and abandoned the West Coast. “All people with german sounding are suspects” Robert Raymond ten. To help out,a Nation Wide Program, called schools at war, urged children to save, serve, and conserve.