Sample of the month club!

Get a free Mary Kay sample at the beginning of each month


  • no purchase necessary
  • receive a sample of a beauty or skin care product every month
  • take a short survey about the product
  • receive 10% off the product if you choose to but the item in the month it is sampled


  • Register on my website ( it's free!)
  • This gives me your contact info as well as answers about your style and current beauty routine. Click send a message while at my website and write FREE SAMPLES in the message box

  • You will receive a FREE SAMPLE from me at the beginning of each month
  • The samples will be different each month. Sometimes skin care , eye colors, lip gloss, perfume ect.
  • You will receive a pre-addressed, stamped post card survey to complete and mail back to me.
  • You will have 2 WEEKS to complete the survey and return to me. Don't worry I will send you a reminder :)

  • If you choose to purchase the sampled product in the same month you received the sample, you get a 10% discount when ordering.
  • No obligation to purchase
  • Always free shipping / delivery


Ashley Darling

Independent Beauty Consultant

Advanced Color Consultant