Faculty Meeting Technology Updates


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From the Help Nest...

Thank you to Emily Fehrehbach for designing our Help Nest logo (above)!

The Help Nest interns found a way to ink on touch screen laptops outside of Microsoft applications. It's called Epic Pen and can be downloaded from the software portal. Click here for instructions. The interns are happy to help you with this if you need a hand!

The 1:1 Student Technology Manual says that when a student brings their laptop to the Help Nest for repair they need to have their bag and charger too. The administration has asked the interns to start holding students accountable for this. If a student leaves your classroom to go to the Help Nest, please remind them to take their bag and charger along. They will be issued a loaner bag and charger along with their loaner laptop. If they do not have their bag and charger, they will be issued a boat anchor loaner to use for the day so that their laptop can still be repaired.

The Falcon Help Nest website now has resources published for student and staff use. The interns will continue to add content. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

If you have any students who could find their niche in the Help Nest next year (and earn internship credit), point them to the application (see below) or send me their name and I will recruit!

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Software Portal

Students and staff can use the software portal to install software on their district laptop. As a teacher, you can request that software be added to the portal for your students to install on their 1:1 laptops. The advantage is that you don't need to wait for the IT staff to give you administrative access or do it for you.


  • A science teacher requested that a simulation she found online be added for her students to download. It would normally require administrative access, but the students can download it from the portal themselves.
  • The Epic Pen software is available in the portal for you to install. If you browse online to find Epic Pen, it requires administrative access to download.
  • Staff and students can use the portal to add printers.

Ed Tech Spotlight Tool

Quick Response Carts

  • Quick response carts are available for you to use when your classroom technology fails. They can be checked out through the Help Nest, district help desk, John Deitz, or Stacy.
  • Please remember to put in a repair request to the district helpdesk for your malfunctioning equipment.
  • Call x2111 when you are finished with the cart and an intern will come pick it up.

Stacy Kreitzer

Instructional Technology Coach

Lower Dauphin School District