BCA April Newsletter

Congratulations to our newest BCA members. We had 128 students apply and accepted 91 new members with 80 being in the Class of 2020.

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Senior Spotlight: Allisyn Pinkston

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Plans after high school: To major in psychology or neuroscience/neurology.

Applied to: Middle Tennessee State University, University of Kentucky

Sports: Competitive dancer at DC Dance Factory

Leadership roles: involvement at BHS: EPIC, senior company at DC Dance Factory

Capstone Project: To research motor development in children to utilize dancing as a way to improve fine and gross motor skills.

Why did you choose that project?: To help benefit children with motor skill deficiency, so that they are hopefully perfected by their teenage years.

Favorite teacher: Mrs. Febles

All-Time Favorite Class: Theatre III

Senior Spotlight: Madelyn Chappelear

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Plans after high school: Will be attending UTK at the college of business and communications for marketing

Accepted into: University of Tennessee Knoxville

Leadership roles and involvement at BHS: Senior VP of DECA, Ultimate Frisbee

Capstone Project: Organizing a walk-a-thon to raise money for the art programs (band, choir, theatre, etc.).

Why did you choose that project?: She’s constantly surrounded by the arts all throughout church and school, and has always been passionate and interested in the arts.

Senior Spotlight: Heath Creel

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Plans after high school: To go to Harding University in Arkansas to major in community development because the campus life is fascinating and active.

Leadership roles and involvement at BHS: Ultimate Frisbee, National Honor Society

Capstone Project: Making Blackman High more welcoming by decorating the outside of the school to make it more aesthetically appealing.

Hobbies: Coffee, Running, Photography

Senior Spotlight: Monica Nelson

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Plans after high school: To major in commercial music and mass communications.

Applied to: Belmont University, Lipscomb University, University of Kentucky, and University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

Leadership roles and involvement at BHS: Clarinet Section Leader, EPIC, Student Council, Co-President of Prom Committee, and Marching Band

Capstone Project: A music video showcasing each fine art to encourage student participation.

Why did you choose that project?: To help benefit the collaboration of art programs at BHS.

Favorite teacher: Mr. Patton

All-time favorite class: Select choir

Senior Spotlight: Christine Monchecourt

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College Major: Actuarial Science

College of Choice
: Middle Tennessee State University

Capstone Project: My project is creating Blackman's save driving week in hopes to raise awareness for eliminating driving distractions.

Clubs: EPIC Mentoring, National Honor Society

Sports: Ultimate Frisbee

Favorite Teacher
: Ms. Wilson

All-Time Favorite Class: AP BC Calculus

Most Influential Person: Ms. Bryan

Senior Capstone Reception

Over 300 visitors came to view the Senior Capstone projects at the Gallery Walk! Students did a great job of engaging the visitors with conversation and explanations of their projects. Guests included senior BCA parents, family members, other BCA students and parents, MTSU personnel (Dr. Deb Sells and Andrew Oppman), RCS Director of Secondary Education (Dr. Andrea Anthony), and school board member (Jim Estes). Click here to enjoy a gallery of photos from the event provided by MTSU.

Here are some stats on these 24 amazing seniors:

  • ACT- 27.57 avg
  • 494 AP/Adv Honors/Honors/Dual Enrollment courses taken
  • Involved in over 207 Clubs/Sports
  • 3.8 Avg GPA
  • 3 Valedictorians
  • 16 graduating with distinction
  • 21 graduating with honors
  • 13 Summa Cum Laude
  • 8 Magna Cum Laude
  • 2 Cum Laude
  • $1,979,000 in scholarship money


  • Crystal Dangerfield was named the 2016 AAA Tennessee Miss Basketball. This is the second year she has won this honor. Crystal has also won the Morgan Wootten award. The Morgan Wootten Award recognizes the nation's top high school basketball senior who demonstrates outstanding character, exhibits leadership, and embodies the values of being a student-athlete in both her school work and community affairs. This ultimately means, she was named NATIONAL player of the year!

  • The following BCA students competed in the State Competition March 3rd- 5th: Cameron Almonrode, Alexandria Bartoszek, Nathan Bryan, Madelyn Chappelear, Madison Childers, Timmy Gardner, Paula Gonzalez, Jenna Kleinschmidt, Hanna Nordin, Jared Robinson, Taylin Spurlock, and Chandler Vongphachanh. The students who advanced to Nationals are Madison Childers, Paula Gonzalez, Taylin Spurlock, and Colton Tincher.

  • Our Blackman Science Bowl Team competed in Knoxville, TN and out of 58 teams they were in the top 16. We had 3 BCA students: Nathan Bryan, Evan Daman, and Madison Fabber on the team.

  • Madison Huffine, Mary Hartman, and Savannah O'Kelley got accepted to the Governor's School of the Arts.

  • Marisa Graham got accepted to the Governor's School for Humanities.

  • Griffin Collins got accepted to the Governor's School of the Sciences.

  • Madison Flannery has been selected as the winner from Blackman High School for the MTEMC writing contest. She has won $100.00 and a Washington Youth Tour.

  • Madison Childers was named one of two Tennessee's top youth volunteers of 2016 by The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, a nationwide program honoring young people for outstanding acts of volunteerism. Read the full story here. Congratulations Madison!

  • Weston Hollins was accepted to the United States Military Academy at West Point and the United States Air Force Academy. What an exceptional honor!

  • Nia Morris was accepted to the American Musical & Dramatic Academy (AMDA). AMDA is a very prestigious college for the performing arts in New York City!

Junior and Senior Field Trip to SOAR Adventure

Juniors and seniors will be going on a field trip to SOAR Adventure on Friday, April 22nd. SOAR Adventure Tower creates a safe and interactive atmosphere that features 4 levels and over 110 climbing elements that will challenge kids and adults both mentally and physically.There is no cost to attend. Field trip packets will be distributed by Friday, April 8th and will need to be returned to Ms. Bryan no later than Friday, April 15th.

For more information about SOAR Adventure, visit https://soaradventure.com/.

Registration Suggestions for 2016-2017

  • Upcoming freshmen: Honors English I, Honors Biology, and Honors World History or AP Human Geography

  • Upcoming sophomores: Honors English II, Honors Algebra II or Advanced Honors Geometry, and Honors Chemistry

  • Upcoming juniors: AP English III, AP U.S. History or Dual Enrollment U.S. History, and Speech or Critical Thinking (highly recommended junior year before capstone)

  • Upcoming seniors: Speech or Critical Thinking (if not already taken) and Capstone

Extra-Curricular Hours Reminder

Remember to turn in your extra-curricular activities hours to the front office as soon as you complete them. Extra forms are located in the front office or online.

BCA Speaker Series

Here are the remaining speakers for second semester:

  • Friday, April 8th: MTSU Psychology Professor and former MTSU football player Dr. Corey Teague will be speaking during Prime Time.

  • Thursday, April 14th: Mr. William Epps, Educator at Blackman High School will be speaking during Prime Time.

If you get an idea for a future speaker, we would love to hear it! Email Mr. Seadorf at seadorfb@rcschools.net.

Do you shop at Publix or Target??

Want to help the school with something you already do? Do you shop at Publix or Target??

Through the Publix Partners program, you can get a Publix card and enroll as a member of Blackman High School. A percentage of any purchase you make at Publix will come back to Blackman High School!

Through the Target REDCard program, Target will donate 1% of your purchases back to the school. Just ask your local Target to get signed up!

Extra Help

If your child is struggling in class, encourage them to get extra help during Prime Time, which is each day from 9:16-9:47. Also, the BHS National Honor Society students tutor during Prime Time in the library. Students can get a pass to go in the library from 7:45-8:25. Click here to access the BHS tutoring brochure. Click here to access the current Library Log.

Academic Probation

Semester grades for Fall 2015 were checked on Jan 6th. BCA students were notified in writing if they have been placed on Academic Probation for the Spring 2016 Semester.

Also note that it is the responsibility of the BCA student to notify BCA Administrators if the student receives either ISS or OSS. BCA students have 72 hours to notify either Ken Reed, BCA Dean, or Andrea Holder, Academic and Disciplinary Committee Chairperson, of any suspensions.

Below are the policies for both Academic and Disciplinary Probation from the Collegiate Academy:

Academic Probation from the Collegiate Academy

Students in the Collegiate Academy are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA and passing grades in all classes. If a student 's GPA falls below a 3.0 or if a student fails one or more classes, he or she will be placed on Academic Probation from the Collegiate Academy for the following semester. At the end of the probationary semester, the student's membership will be reassessed. If the reason for the probation has been corrected, he or she will be reinstated as a member in good standing. If the reason for the probation has not been corrected, he or she will be dismissed from the Collegiate Academy.

Disciplinary Probation from the Collegiate Academy

Students in the Collegiate Academy are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with Blackman High School’s Student Code of Conduct. Violations of the Code of Conduct, in which disciplinary action is taking by BHS administration, will result in one semester of Disciplinary Probation. At the end of the probationary semester, membership will be reassessed. If there have not been any additional violations of the Student Code of Conduct resulting in disciplinary action, the student will be reinstated as a member in good standing. If additional violations of the Student Code of Conduct resulting in disciplinary action have occurred, the student will be dismissed from the Collegiate Academy.


FREE 5-Day Language Summer Camps at MTSU

MTSU is offering a certain number of scholarships to Rutherford County high school students to attend free 5-day accelerated language camps. The Center for Accelerated Language Acquisition (CALA), the language training center of the MTSU Honors College, is proud to partner with the Jennings & Rebecca Jones Foundation to provide scholarships for high school students and teachers interested in attending its Language Institute this summer. Thanks to the generosity of the Foundation, a select number of applicants will have the opportunity to take up to two, 5-day accelerated language courses of their choice. Choose from the following languages: Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish, Tamil (a popular language in India).

Take advantage of this opportunity by applying for a Jennings & Rebecca Jones Foundation scholarship at www.mtsu.edu/cala/scholarships.php (complete details on website). Awards will be issued on an ongoing basis through Friday, May 20th. Consideration will be given to applications submitted after this date as funds are available. Questions? Contact Brian Roberts, CALA Assistant Director, at acceleratedacquisition@gmail.com.

Innovation J-Camp

Innovation J-Camp is a five-day workshop held at the Center for Innovation in Media in partnership with the College of Media and Entertainment at Middle Tennessee State University. Innovation J-Camp is perfect for high school students interested in telling stories for mobile, social, digital and video audiences. There are only 25 spots in this year’s camp. Cost is $150, which includes lunches and all materials. Camp runs from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from July 11th-15th.

Register for Innovation J-Camp online at: innovationjcamp.org.

MTSU Summer Camps

Here is a link for MTSU summer camps: http://www.mtsu.edu/camps/. There are a ton of great opportunities!

Dual Enrollment


To be eligible for the Dual Enrollment program, students must:
1. be a junior or senior in high school;
2. have a minimum 3.0 high school GPA; or
3. have a minimum composite of 22 ACT (SAT composite of 1020); or equivalent ACT Plan test score

**Admission to MTSU and the Dual Enrollment program does not guarantee eligibility for all courses. Some courses require prerequisites and/or certain test subscores, including Math and English courses.


The tuition cost of a Dual Enrollment class is $166.00 per credit hour. This cost can be offset by the Dual Enrollment Grant, if the student applies and is ruled eligible. Students must maintain a 2.75 GPA for dual enrollment courses taken to stay eligible for the grant. The student should be prepared to pay the tuition cost in advance and then be reimbursed. Other anticipated costs include textbooks, $25 application fee, online course fees, and any applicable lab fees.

Dual Enrollment Grant

The total amount of grant money per student is $1200 total for their high school career. Current juniors get $500 for class one and two, which will cover the cost of a 3 hour class ($498 total per class). Current seniors were only set to get $300 for course 1 and 2, but MTSU decided to scholarship the additional $198 for the first two classes so that they too could have class one and two covered in full.

  • Current seniors

Current seniors who have not taken two DE classes in the fall can still take advantage of this additional money provided by MTSU ($198) for the Spring term to cover class one and two in full. For class 3 and 4 they will receive $100 per credit hour leaving them a balance of $198 for class 3 and 4.

  • Current juniors

Current juniors who have already taken two classes will receive $200 for class 3 (leaving a balance of $298) and nothing for class 4 (leaving a balance of $498).

*Although class 3 and 4 seem like a lot of out-of-pocket money, in-state undergraduate tuition cost is currently $1,011 for a 3 hours course, resulting in a savings of $513 when paying the full tuition amount for a dual enrollment course.

Textbook Rentals

If you are taking dual enrollment courses, click here for information on textbook rentals through Textbook Brokers.
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BCA Contacts

Principal - Dr. Leisa Justus, justusl@rcschools.net, ext. 22901

Assistant Principal - Ken Reed, reedk@rcschools.net, ext. 22973

School Counselor - Christine Bryan, bryanc@rcschools.net. ext. 22906

Academics - Andrea Holder, holdera@rcschools.net, ext. 22960

Communication - Lois Walker, walkerlm@rcschools.net, ext. 22701

Electronic Portfolio - Ken Hardison, hardisonk@rcschools.net, ext. 22988

Extracurricular - Tim Pedigo, pedigot@rcschools.net, ext. 22995

Events - Hollye Dabney, dabneyh@rcschools.net, ext. 22738

Life Experience - Geneva Cook, cookg@rcschools.net, ext. 22942

Monthly Speakers - Brian Seadorf, seadorfb@rcschools.net, ext. 23036

Research - Rebecca Jones, jonesre@rcschools.net, ext. 22993