Third Grade Thoughts

Weekly News from Glenhope 3rd Grade! (Volume 15-16, Issue 3)

Teacher Spotlight

Welcome to 3rd Grade! My name is Julie Lee. I have taught for most of my life and can't imagine doing anything different. Kindergarten was my first adventure, and it all began in Amarillo, Texas. After 6 years, I ventured into the first grade in Arlington, Texas and stayed there for most of my career. 12 wonderful years to be exact!

Then, I came to GCISD and moved on up to 2nd grade for 8 years. For the past few years I have looped from 2nd to 3rd (two times), and this year I stayed in 3rd grade. All of that will equal 29 years after this year! WHEW! It just doesn't seem to be that long ago that I was meeting my first class of kindergartners! During all of this I married my college sweetheart, raised two sons that I am so very blessed to call my own, cared for 3 dogs who were and are family to me, and cared for my ailing parents. My mom has Alzheimer's and lives in a Memory Care facility near me.

I have a Gatorville class called Friends of All Ages, where I try to merge the young with the old and create an understanding of how much it means to care for our aging Seniors with memory problems. The kids love it, and the elderly may not remember the actual things they did, but they sure do remember how the kids made them feel. I love my job, my life, my journey, my family, and my faith. It makes me who I am, and that is one blessed 3rd grade teacher, who is so excited to share all that I am with each of your children. We are fostering a growth mind set in 3rd grade and will be using a lot of GRIT, as we try new things, work together, and become a Lee Leaper Family.

Classroom Needs

Have any old chapter books? We are trying to grow our classroom libraries. If you have any old books you would like to donate, we would happily accept them!

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Friday Folders

We still are having trouble getting the Friday Folders signed and returned back to school on Monday. We appreciate you helping your child to remember this! :)


Please consider joining the Glenhope PTA. Our school receives so much support from them each and every year. If you need a membership form, you can email your child's teacher or find them in the front office.

Also, just a reminder that we are continuing our annual Greenback Fundraiser. Dr. Griffin has already purchased movement stools for each classroom and also plans to give each grade level a $500 stipend for materials.

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Save the Date

September 15-18

-Beginning of Year Writing Assessments

-Beginning of Year iStation Reading Assessments

-Beginning of Year iStation Math Assessments

**Please try not to schedule appointments on these days during math time (7:45-9:00), writing time (9:00-9:45), and reading time (1:00-2:00). **

You Say It's Your Birthday...

Jessica E. - September 9th (belated!)

Reagan B. - September 15th

London S. - September 17th

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How are we growing our brains next week?


-place value

-fun facts (practicing)

-iStation Math assessment

**nightly Math HW - practice fun facts

**weekly Math HW begins (given out Monday, due on Friday)


-My Reading Life - sharing why we read and giving book recommendations

-building our independent reading stamina


-iStation Reading assessment

**nightly Reading HW - read for at least 20 min.


-beginning of year writing assessment (expository essay)


-spelling: double e diagraph


-classifying matter (solids, liquids, and gases)

-predicting and observing changes in matter

Social Studies:

-communities (reasons why communities are formed)

3rd Grade "In a Snap" Words

We will be working on these words all year long and plan to introduce a few each week. Feel free to work on them with your children at home!

We assessed students on their knowledge of the K-2 "In a Snap" words last week and are also working hard to help them practice the words they still don't have.

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Growth Mindset & Grit...For the Win!

Take a look at the video below that discusses the importance of your "ordinary" thoughts or ideas. It is such a great lesson on grit and growth mindset for our kids!
Obvious to you. Amazing to others. - by Derek Sivers

Oh, the Places We'll Go as a 1:1 Campus!

5th graders were able to take home their iPads last Friday and 4th graders took their iPads home for the first time this week. This means that soon 3rd graders will be taking their iPads home. As you prepare for this transition, please note:

-students are responsible for charging their own iPad every night

-students must bring the iPad and charger back to school every day

-students are not allowed to download any apps at home unless given permission by us

We are excited to begin allowing our students to utilize this amazing learning tool at home!

**Please note, if you have not yet filled out the iPad Technology Agreement and paid the $35 yearly fee, your child will not be able to take their iPad home.**


The weeks are flying by fast! :)

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