Andrew Jackson is a hero!

Why is Jackson a hero?

1. Jackson made the south pay their tariffs. He made them do this by using a force bill. What this force bill did was it made the south pay their tariffs because if they didn't, Jackson could use the army to take them out. if Jackson didn't do this they would have seceded (to leave or withdraw) the U.S.A, and that would have been very bad for the U.S.A.

2. "Jacksonian Democracy" was another reason why Jackson was a hero. He helped expand suffrage so more and more people could vote. Only a little bit of people could vote but when Jackson became president he gave more people the right to vote.

3. One last reason why Jackson is a hero is because of the battle of New Orleans. Jackson helped lead us the victory of the battle of New Orleans because he commanded the troops very well and he helped train them to victory which led to making all the British troops withdraw from Louisiana.

Political Cartoon About Andrew Jackson

This cartoon is about the Nullification Crisis. Andrew Jackson is taking down the national bank because he doesn't like national banks (He thinks it only fits the wealthy.) He is showing the south a Force Bill to make them pay their tariffs or else he would bring the army. The south quickly surrendered right after Jackson showed them the Force Bill.