This Week

We talked all about community helpers! Our dramatic play area was set up as a vet's office and the kids took turns helping the animals feel better (shout out to Ms. Sierra for donating all of her old beanie babies and allowing for quite the selection of animals).

We learned about...

  • Bakers by cutting out circles for our baker hats
  • Dentists by painting teeth with toothbrushes
  • Policemen by making tissue paper police cars
  • Doctors/nurses/vets by matching bandaid letters to letters on a bear
  • Firemen by painting red paper plates to make helmets
  • Teachers by taking turns leading morning circle

In addition, we sorted objects and read books related to various community helpers. Rada Rabbit came on Thursday and talked to us about the importance of brushing our teeth!

During P.E., we did an obstacle course with a mat, trampoline, tunnel, and ladder. We crawled, rolled, and galloped like a horse on the mat, and then hopped through the ladder different ways. We also sang and did actions to "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" and "If You're Happy and You Know It." During circle time, we sang about colors, practiced "you get what you get," and traded objects with one another.

With our friends from Room 4, we played duck duck goose, stop/go, tag, and a big game of soccer on Thursday!

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Next Week - No School Monday

Next week, we will continue our community helper theme. The dramatic play area will be set up as a construction zone for our little construction workers.

REMINDER: We do not have school on Monday. Enjoy your weekend and MLK Day!