Culture of Rome vs. United States

Citizenship, Law, and Justice

Rome and United States

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Comparing and Contrasting Citizenship of Rome and the United States

-Citizenship of Rome is given to only free and white men

-Women have no rights or have the same rights as their husband

-Slaves were owned and had almost no rights

-Freedmen are former slaves with little rights.

-This contrasts with United States since the U.S. provides citizenship to anyone that lives there, and mostly everyone has the same rights as others.

-They can compare because they give the same rights such as

•being able to vote

•being able to hold official offices

•allowed to own property

•having the right to go to court.

Comparing and Contrasting Law of Rome and the United States

In Rome, Laws were written as compared to the U.S. that does this as well.

All thes laws are connected to...



•pursuit of hapiness

Thee things are similar to the laws of the United States because the laws effect our everyday life and our liberty, and it all adds to our hapiness in our lives. Judges make court decision from trials and evidence both in Rome and the U.S. The difference in law of United States and Rome is that these laws were written on stone in Rome while in United States it is not.

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Comparing and Contrasting United States and Rome: Justice

Justice and punishments for wrong doings are both similar and different if you compare the consequences of Rome and United States for misdeeds. Similar punishments in Rome and the United States are...



•death penalties.

Some punishments that only take place in Rome is beatings and slavery.

Punishments for slaves include...


•harder work

•being crucified