SBSD's Twitter Chat

February 23, 2016 ~ 8:00pm

Join the discussion about Flexible Learning Spaces in SBSD

How to Participate in the #SBSDEDU Twitter Chat

2/23/16 - Link to Questions

  1. Log in to Twitter and search for the hashtag #SBSDEDU
  2. Use the Hashtag #SBSDEDU for all your tweets connected to the chat
  3. You may want to introduce yourself and your role briefly
  4. We will use the Q1, A1 format. To respond to a question 1. start your tweet with A1: question 2 with A2: etc.
  5. You can retweet responses you strongly agree with or reply to other participants

* Feel free to just watch this time by searching for the #SBSDEDU hashtag.

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