Bridgit Mendler


How did she become so good in acting ?

Bridgit was born in Washinton DC. She lived there untill she was 8 and then moved west coast right out side of San Francisco Califonia. That when she starting haveing an interest in acting. In 2004 she landed her first role in The Legend of the Buddha as a girl named Lucy. When she was 13 she landed her first acting role as the guest star on General Hospital. In 2010 Bridget made the role of Teddy Duncan on Good luck Charlie. Bridget debut album, Hello My Name is... was relased on October 22 2012. On febuery 12, 2013 her second single Hurricane. The song peaked at number 1 on the billboard. More of her albums are Liveing in london ready or not and Hurricane.

what she likes to do

Another thing that bridget Mendler liked to do was wach football with her family. She said that when theres a football game her family gets together and the make a lot of food. Something that she said was she did not want to become and singer. But she said on all the stuff that she listen to she wanted to star makeing songs. She had a song book that she put all of her songs in. One of her song she made when she was 9.
Bridgit Mendler - Top of the World (Acoustic)