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May 25, 2020

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

We have an incredibly active week ahead of us in CDS Middle School!

Silent Art Auction

On Monday we launch the 7th annual Silent Art Auction! Students and teachers have produced some amazing work this year, so be sure to check out the Padlet (linked below) and make your bids! Remember that all profits will be donated in support of the organization Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR)! Bidding will end on Friday 5/29 so don't wait.

SDL Showcase

On Tuesday 5/26 between 2-4pm we will hold our annual 8th Grade Self-Determined Learning (SDL) Showcase. 8th graders have worked incredibly hard throughout the second half of the school year on inquiry projects. They're very excited to share their knowledge and skills will all of you. All are invited to attend, and a Zoom link will be shared via email and SMS on the day of the event. 7th grade SDL will also be exhibit their work in a Digital Gallery beginning Friday 5/29.

Virtual Book Fair

From May 27th - June 7th CDS will hold a Virtual Book Fair - we're grateful to Ms. Carley for working this out for us despite the campus closure. 10% of the proceeds will be used to support the CDS library. Ms. Carley will share more details about this in the week ahead.

Athletic Award Ceremony

Although the CDS Middle School KAIAC season was interrupted, we are still looking forward to celebrating sportsmanship and athletic achievement with an Athletic Awards Ceremony. We will share the video with all of you on Thursday, May 28th at 5:00pm.

Textbook Drop Off & Locker Clean-out

Students are schedule to visit the school throughout the week to pick up personal belongings, return textbooks, and clean out their lockers. Teachers will be present to support with social distancing and efficiency.

**If certain textbooks are still being used, students can drop them off after the school year ends by placing them in the blue book bin just inside the door near the CDS parking lot. 8th graders will need to return all books before Graduation Day (6/13) in order to receive their textbook refund.

Check out the newsletter for more detailed information on all of the events above.

Stay safe and healthy in the week ahead!

Mr. Scoville

Director of Middle School

[Announcements / 공지사항]

7th Annual Silent Art Auction - This week! 5/25 - 5/29

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Self Determined Learning 2020 Showcase

SDL Showcase 2020 - G8 5/26 | G7 5/29

Click the button for details

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CDS MS Grade 4 Orientation Letter

Grade 4 MS Orientation 5/25

Please click the button to get more information

CDS MS Locker Clean-up Letter

Locker Clean-up & Book Return

Please click the button to see more information

Grade 8 ONLY - Textbook Deposit Refund Letter

Grade 8 - Textbook Deposit Refund

Please click the button to see more information

[This week at CDS MS / 이번주 CDS MS]

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E-learning Expert of the Week

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Online Book Fair is Coming up!

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Student Council Event

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Yearbook Survey

This survey is to determine the price of the MS/HS yearbook for 2019-20. If you want to order it, please complete the survey below by May 29th.

Due to COVID-19, publishing SY 2019-20 Yearbook has been delayed. You will be able to receive the yearbook after coming back to school from Summer Break.

이 조사는 중고등 Yearbook의 인쇄수량을 파악하여 금액을 책정하기 위함입니다. 구매 희망자는 5월 29일까지 아래의 양식에 학년(부서)과 이름을 작성해 주시기 바랍니다.
코로나 상황으로 인해 2019-20 학년도 Yearbook 제작이 연기되었습니다. 이에 이번 Yearbook은 여름방학 이후 학교로 돌아온 후에 학생들에게 배부될 예정입니다

MS/HS Yearbook Survey

Please click the button for more information

MS Athletic Banquet

Hello Phoenix Fans!!!

It's that time a year again for us to celebrate our CDS athletes on their amazing seasons at the 5th Annual Athletic Awards Ceremony.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we won't be having this event in person, but instead we will be showing a pre-recorded video of the festivities for you all to watch with your family and friends.

The link to this video will be shared in the weekly newsletter the week before the event, and all students will also receive a link to the video through email. When will this be happening you ask?

The video will be posted on Thursday, May 28th at 5pm. We hope that you all take the time to watch it at that time with us. Fantastic job in all of your seasons everyone!

Gooooo Phoenix!


Mr. Monette

Middle School & High School Athletic Coordinator

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Welcome to the SWIP

Student wellness is incredibly necessary to focus on because it impacts every aspect of our daily lives. It is important to focus on your mental and physical well being as it is the foundation upon which all other aspirations stem.

Recently, COVID-19 has required us to modify the way in which we support our students. At Dalton we want to focus on actively helping to maintain our students' well-being, both during times of crisis and normal daily life. This is where the SWIP page comes in! So, take a look around and you will see some information from the student council, SHINE, and various teachers. If you have resources that should be added to this page, or any questions please feel free to contact us!

- The Student Wellness Committee

CDS Student Wellness Information Page (SWIP)

Students can access to helpful resources

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Online TIME Edge publication / 온라인 무료 TIME 기사

TIME Edge publication

Please click the button for more information / 자세한 정보를 위해 버튼을 클릭해주세요

Free Access to JSG Digital

Junior Library Guild

Please click the button for more information / 자세한 정보를 위해 버튼을 클릭해주세요

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Resources for Reading and Learning at Home

Resources for Reading and Learning

Please click the button for more information / 자세한 정보를 위해 버튼을 클릭해주세요

**Please scroll down for links to your child’s online learning plans

**자녀분의 온라인 학습계획과 관련하여 아래 링크를 클릭해주세요.

CDS Continuity of Learning Plan

Click the button to review our plans to ensure learning continues despite campus closure

**Our Continuity of Learning Plan (linked above) was adapted from the collective best practices of several international schools in Asia including The American School in Japan. We thank these schools for making their plans public.
E-Learning Class Schedules 5A - 8B

Click to see the e-learning schedule for your House for April 2020

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