British Columbia

A Canadian Provience


If you are here today, reading this, then you're in luck!!! I Joseph E. Maldonado (the designer of this flyer...) will give you special facts about British Columbia!!!


Look under for 3 things


Official Symbols of British Columbia

British Columbia's Provincial Flag

Adopted in 1960, the flag duplicates the design of the shield of arms of the province. Its proportion is five by length and three by width. Please note that electronic images of the flag must never be electronically or mechanically altered. It should never be condensed, expanded, re-arranged, or in any other way distorted electronically. Resizing of the whole, intact image is permitted as long as horizontal and vertical scales are maintained in correct proportions. The Provincial flag is public domain and not protected by the Provincial Symbols and Honours Act.

Legislative Assembly

The website for the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia contains historical references about our province as well as informational resources. You can read the Assembly debates or view current or archived Legislative proceedings on Hansard Television. You can also access Revised Statutes or current bills, and take a virtual tour of British Columbia’s Parliament Buildings through Discover your Legislature; an award winning interactive educational CD that has been included as a link on the website. Read the Speaker’s Welcome message and meet the Members of the 40th Parliament.

Spirit Bear - Provincial Mammal

The Spirit Bear (also known as the Kermode Bear) was added to the list of B.C.’s official symbols in April 2006. The greatest concentration of Spirit Bears can be found on the Central Coast and North Coast of British Columbia. The Spirit Bear is not albino, but rather it is a black bear that has white fur due to a rare genetic trait.

Pacific Dogwood - Provincial Flower

This flower is a special one that was adopted in the year 1956, there's not much info about this flower sadly... but all I know is that it was a PROVINCIAL FLOWER and that was a very famous flower to that place without a doubt!!! ;)

British Columbia's Coat of Arms

NOW... WHOA!!! This blew the soul out of me when it said that " the Coat of Arms were subsequently granted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on October 15, 1987. " !!!

I was like a fried chicken on a stick!!!

Steller's Jay - Provincial Bird

It's a's a never mind it was a bird. This bird is the same as the flower, (Pacific Dogwood flower 2 paragraph's before) it clearly has not much info except that "

The Steller's jay (Cyanacitta stelleri) became the province's official bird on December 17, 1987. Coloured a vibrant blue and black, it is found throughout the province. This lively, smart and cheeky bird was voted most popular bird by the people of British Columbia." I was surprised if you think that's enough or a lot of info!!! :)

Jade - Provincial Gemstone

This jewel ... it's very nice!!! All I can say is , "Jade became the official mineral emblem in 1968. Consisting mostly of nephrite, B.C. jade is prized by carvers of fine jewellery and sculptures at home and particularly in the Orient. It is mined in many parts of British Columbia."


I really hope that you enjoyed my SPECIAL smore project on British Columbia!!!