Art Classroom Resources

A Variety of Resources for Art Educators

10 Websites for Art Educators

1. Museum Stuff is a wonderful resource for locating museums all around the world. By navigating through this website, I found many museums near my hometown that I did not even know existed! For example, I found out that there is a Carousel Museum, not even thirty minutes from my house! How cool is that? This website is a great resource to help get ideas for field trips!

2. Curriculum Resources

The Metropolitan Museum of Art website contains many different resources for art educators. One of these is a section that provides curriculum resources for a variety of art topics. This website contains curriculum from Renaissance Arts to the Arts of Korea. It is a great resource in developing new curriculum to cover certain areas of art history.

3. Bomomo is a very unique interactive website used to create fun art graphics at the ease of just moving the mouse! Using Bomomo can help students create fun, colorful, dynamic graphics in just minutes. This website would be very helpful to give to students as an option of something to do when they finish the art project for the day.

4. Google Art Project

Google Art Project allows you to view amazing artworks from across the globe at the click of a button. The thing that makes Google Art Project so unique is its zoom feature. This feature allows you to zoom in on details of the artwork. This website can help students be able to really interact with amazing pieces of artwork from across the world.

5. Smart History

Smart History is a multi-media web-book that can be used to substitue the traditional art history book. This collection of narrated videos can be used in class to teach students art history. It could also be used as a great resource for students to do research on their own.

6. MetPublications

MetPublications is a part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This website acts as a free online database of all of the online and print publications of the museum. MetPublications is a great resource to have in regards to art history.

7. Student Art Guide

Now, Student Art Guide is a resource that is itself full of other resources! It contains many different articles, projects, and ideas that would prove to be extremely helpful in a high school art class. This website is one that is definitely worth exploring when preparing lessons.

8. The Art of Ed

The Art of Ed is a blog that can be used by art educators as an awesome resource for new ideas in the classroom. It also contains many practical tips such as advice on Resumes and Job Interviews. This website is full of very practical information for the modern day art teacher.

9. Art Education Scoop It

This art education page from Scoop It is also an extremely helpful source. This page contains resources from a variety of concentrations in art. The Art Education Scoop It would be a helpful resource for any art educator.

10. NGA Kids

The Art Zone, from The National Galler of Art, is an awesome webpage that allows students to engage in online interactive art that the can turn into their own creations. This is an awesome way for student to interact with a work of art in a fun and easy way! The Art Zone would be an awesome resource for an elementary school art classroom.

Video Resources for Art Educators

Street Art: Joshua Allen Harris' Inflatable Bag Monsters
The Kandinsky Effect
Café Communications -- Deadlines
The One Minute Muse | Art Journal Technique | Straw Blow
HIGHLIGHTS TV: Art of the streets 2011

Podcast Resources for Art Educators

1. Photography 101

This Podcast is full of camera tips on how to take great pictures. Photography 101 includes tips for traditional and digital photography. This would be very helpful to have students listen to these in a photography class!

2. ARTtube

ARTtube is a podcast that contains a plethora of video resources about painting. These videos are created by five different museums, and these could be very helpful in the classroom for introducing new paintings or discussing art history.

3. The Love Drawing Podcast

This podcast is a great resource for finding new tips and techniques to improve your drawing skills. This could be very helpful in a drawing class.

4. TEDTalks Art

TEDTalks Art is a great podcast that showcases some of the world's greatest, artists, designers, architects, and photographers through videos that have been filmed at the TED conference. These videos could be cool to play while students are working in class to help introduce them to what is currently happening in the art world.

5. Etsy

The Etsy podcast is an awesome resource for art educators! This podcast gives information about various Etsy artists and the work they are creating. Showing these videos to students could help them see how it is indeed possible to make a living from your artwork.