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Pancake Breakfast! December 22nd

I thought I would send an updated list of what has been spoken for so far:) You guys are AMAZING!!!

Items we will need:

30 plastic or Styrofoam plates (Chantal)

30 forks (Chantal)

Syrup X 3 bottles (1 large bottle- Ava) (Katie X 2)

Pancake Mix X 3 (1 box- Abby) (2 Boxes- Katie)

50 already cooked sausage patties (I will put them in my crockpot)- can be broken up into multiple packages for different people to help with:) (25 patties- Ava) (25 patties- Isaiah)

Bannanas X12

Strawberries or mandarin oranges

Butter and Peanut Butter (Isaiah)

If your family can help us by sending in one of the supplies listed above please let me know so I don't purchase the items Monday night!! Thank you for all of your support this semester. This is one of my favorite classes ever:)