CVS Learn at Home

Middle School

Middle School

Learning doesn't have to stop just because we can't go to school for a while.

Use this time to brush up on your skills and to explore topics that interest you.

The resources below can help.

Check Your Email!

Middle and high school students are encouraged to check their district-provided email accounts for potential updates from teachers.

Student Activities


The unexpected break creates an excellent opportunity to read.

Create time to read each day.
Explore a topic that interests you.

Connect with a group of friends and have book conversations via phone or text.

Ask a parent to help you use Libby to borrow e-book from the library.

Language! - logon site for students who use this site in ELA class

New York Times - 100 Writing Prompts for Students
GrammarBytes Exercises

*How to Learn Math

Open Middle - Challenging math problems worth solving
YouCubed -Tasks

Which One Doesn't Belong


PBS Learning Media - Science


Social Studies

PBS Learning Media
Social Studies for Kids

iCivics Games

U.S. Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Kids

Additional Resources

Khan Academy

Scholastic Learn from Home
PBS for 4th-8th grade from 9AM - 1PM

Home Chats (from Growing Leaders) - Conversation Starters for Parents