Benefits of Technology☺


How is Technology beneficial to us?

Technology helps enhance everyday life by making things easier for us to do. Now instead of looking everywhere for your calculator, you can just use your phone. It works the same for papers now so instead of having a huge stack of papers you can just save your documents and make a back up of them on a USB. Even though technology is useful to us there is also the problem of addiction where people get too involved with it and just use it all the time. Have you ever gone out to see a movie with a friend or go get something to eat and the only thing they ever do is look down at their phone and follow you? That's most likely because the person is addicted to the technology that they have incorporated into their daily lives.

Advantages of Technology

There are definitely pros to having technology such as being able to find information effortlessly by just typing a few key words into a search engine. Technology has also opened up new opportunities for jobs such as being able to work in bigger companies that need people to do math, artwork, or design a website for their advertisements. Another plus is that when there's nothing to talk about you can just take out your phone and play angry birds until an awkward situation just goes away on its own.

Things to remember

Stay safe and have fun.~